Open Call F.A.Q.

This page answers to the questions about the BUTLER Open Call, the page will be updated regularly based on the questions we receive. If your question is not answered below you can send your question here.

What are the main aspects you would like to demonstrate through the field trial (context awareness, privacy, end user satisfaction, etc.) ?

We want to demonstrate horizontality (trials covering several vertical sectors), with use of context awareness butler technologies, in a field trial involving users. This to gather feedback regarding users’ acceptance, and highlight possible issues and opportunities related to topics such as data privacy. Overall, we are interested in understanding what are the drivers for a faster and larger market impact of IoT technologies. Note that the number of involved end users is obviously important but looking at the overall ecosystem (involving intermediate users such as hospitals, insurance companies, …) could be of interest as well.

Is there any “BUTLER platform” ready to be used for the trial, meaning that if there is any real environment wherever we can run our trial?

The BUTLER platform is currently in development and a first version shall be ready by month 24 of the project (end of September 2013). The field trial selected in the Open Call will have to be developed on this platform. Note that the BUTLER partners will work with the selected field trial on the integration/adaptation of the platform

The current information on the platform is available in the project deliverables and in the Open Call announcement, further details may be published as the project progress on the platform definition.

How long should last the project?

Following the EC guidelines, the Open Call evaluation will be validated in a maximum of 12 weeks after the end of the call (early July 2013), the BUTLER project ends on September 30th 2014. The proposal submitted in the Open Call should therefore plan 15 months of activity, from July 2013 to September 2014.

Are you looking uniquely for a SME partner, or do you think even a University partner could have a chance?

The SME criteria is not the main one: what we are looking for is a partner able to exploit BUTLER technology. The main selection criteria will be the demonstration of an horizontal integration of use cases and the involvement of users in the trials.

What is the BUTLER platform ? Has the BUTLER project already developed a middleware? Or have there been any BUTLER developments to bridge the IoT vertical divides which need to be referenced in any horizontal applications test proposal?

The BUTLER platform is currently in development, as explained in the call announcement, it is in fact 3 platforms : Smart Server, Smart Mobile and Smart Object. The platform development started last fall and we plan to have a first release by the end of the year. We are currently still working on the definition of the platform so no full reliable specification is yet available. Note that upon joining the project the BUTLER partners will be able to support you in the technical set up of the field trial on the BUTLER platform.

Does the budget amount mentioned refer to the total or, is there additional budget for software development and hardware?

The budget is a total maximum.

Will the BUTLER partners contribute their vertical test platforms to the horizontal applications test proposal?

The BUTLER partners will be contribute by providing the technical platform, training, and possibly some support on the field trial depending on the scenario (if the scenario match a particular interest or planned field trial of a partner, expect their collaboration).

Is it essential to replicate the existing BUTLER vertical applications and platforms in the horizontal applications test?

The choice is entirely yours on the scenario you will implement in the field trial. The verticals, scenarios, and initial proof of concepts presented in the existing BUTLER deliverables are examples of some IoT application identified by the project, but the goal of the BUTLER project is to provide a truly horizontal platform, that is, a platform which can be used by any IoT scenario.

Are scenarios and trials already planned or we are free to design the scenario and trials?

you are free to design the scenarios and trials, although you could find some inspiration in BUTLER deliverable 1.1

With regard to the participation in integration tasks, we would like to know in what extent is this involvement foreseen. Should we assume a system already integrated and tested (fully operational) which only has to be adapted to the pilot site, or does the new partner have to be also involved in the “laboratory” system integration?

The BUTLER platform being currently in development, a first version should be ready by September 2013. However this will be a first beta version, possibly not complete. So consider that the system will not be fully operational and will have to be integrated and tested. However you will not be alone in this task as other partners will participate.

With regard to end-users to be involved in the pilots (Smart Cities etc.), are such users already available in the consortium or does the new partner have also to attract new users?

One of the main thing we are requesting of the new partner is indeed to bring new users

Will also other pilot sites be organized by existing consortium partners, or will the new partner have to conduct the only trial in the project?

The consortium will organize other trials and proof of concepts in parallel of the one developed by the Open Call partner. Note that depending on your scenario some partner may want to collaborate on your scenario or to link it with other trials

Is the field trial going to take place in a specific location?

No location is specified, you are free to propose the location that best correspond to your trial, however, it would be better if possible to have the trial run in a EU member state.

Is the field trial going to be demonstrated or shall its results going to be used by the consortium for evaluation?

The trial results will help the consortium in the evaluation of the BUTLER platform and will be presented (along with the other project activities and other field trials) at the final project review. If a demo is possible during the review this would be of course positive.

Does the field trial have to include all the domains or a subset of the domains? Does the field trial require one scenario that includes all domains or different scenarios for each domain is enough?

The scenario can address any of the “smart domains”, it can focus on one, but as BUTLER tries to reach horizontality it would be better if several domain can be linked in a single scenario.

What does the implementation of the trial involve? What is expected from the new partner to implement exactly (software application, mobile, web, hardware)?

By “implementation of the field trial” we mean: the technical implementation of an application based on the BUTLER platform (including the definition/specification phase), as well as the running of the field trial (involving user participation), collection of user feedbacks and results, and analysis of those results. This can be considered as R&D activities.6. The application that you will have to implement depends of the scenario that you define, but it will probably include work on the 3 butler platform : Smart Object, Smart Mobile, Smart Server.

Is it expected from the new partner to implement a Mobile application, if yes which is the targeted OS, what is the scope of this application?

Regarding the mobile platform, Android has been chosen as the main platform and the BUTLER SmartMobile platform will provide HTML5 interfaces, most likely based on the PhoneGap platform.

How many end-users does the project envision for the field trials?

Regarding the number of users : The more, the better, BUTLER project target around 4000 end user involved in one way or another, your field trial will have to contribute to this goal. The user involvement is interesting to validate several aspects of the BUTLER platform : it will help to assess the platform scalability (the more user the better), and gather user feedbacks on the public interest in IoT application, the acceptability of those applications (especially regarding privacy and ethics concerns) and the potential business models associated as “user involvement” is not only the involvement of “end users” but also of different stakeholders (integrators, operators…) which are necessary for a full IoT deployment.

Do all the end-users need to be attracted by the new partner?

The new partner will have to provide the end-users for its use case, however other field trials, on other use cases will be implemented by the other BUTLER partners to bring other users.

Does every end-user require to have a mobile device? Are these devices to be provided by the new partner?

Not necessarily but it depends of your scenario, Not necessarily, end users could use their own devices

Are there specific devices that are compatible with the BUTLER platforms?

We don’t have a list of compatible devices yet, but of course hardware of the BUTLER project partners might be easier to integrate (or already integrated)

Is there a software tool that the project uses for getting the user feedback, is it going to be provided for the field trial?

The consortium will be able to help in the definition of the forms used for end user feedback collection. No specific tool has been defined yet.

are there any data gathering required from partner for the field trial?

You would be required to gather the data relevant to the evaluation of the platform qualities and end user feedbacks. This will be defined with the consortium based on the scenario and the platform.

Should the output of the field trials be evaluated by the new partner or shall they be evaluated by the current consortium?

The output of the field trials will be evaluated by the enlarged consortium (existing + new partner)

Are there any deliverables that the new partner needs to contribute to and in what extent?

Your contribution will be required in several deliverables, mainly :
D5.2 : BUTLER Final Platform and Quality Assessment (Month 36, Sept 2014), which will describe the final version of the BUTLER platform and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses based on the field trials results.
But Also :
D1.3 : Socio-Economic Impact (Month 36, Sept 2014), which will describe the socio economic impact of the project, including the end user interests and perceptions of IoT, especially the privacy and ethics vision.
D6.3 (Month 36, Sept 2014): Progress on Standardization and Final Exploitation and Dissemination Plans : in which you may have to describe the dissemination activities you accomplished and the exploitation plans you have in mind after the project
And possibly D2.5 (Month 36, Sept 2014) : IoT Enabling Technologies and Future Development, if you have some scientific progress on the IoT enabling technologies to report.

Do the BUTLER Platforms consist of both software and hardware components? Are the platforms going to be provided to the new partner?

The BUTLER platform is a software platform but of course the hardware of our consortium members will be compatible with the platform. The BUTLER software platform will of course be available, along with training and explanations by the partners. Regarding hardware specific arrangements may be possible with the consortium members.

When will the final platform version be available ?

The BUTLER platform should have final specifications, and partial but functional implementation by month 24 (sept 2013) which should be enough for the technical implementation of a field trial, and final implementation by month 30 (march 2014) which will leave about 6 month for the field trial final deployment and full scale user involvement.

Are you referring to field trials only in a real scenario, that is for instance users in their own homes? Or it’s feasible to propose field trials with users in smart home labs, specifically designed to test these ambient intelligence services

The closer to “real end user involvement and real life deployment” would be the better, but depending on the specificities of the proposed trial scenario it is conceivable to have lab / controlled environment deployment, as long as real users are involved in some way and that interesting feedback can be gathered.

Do you have an available description of an “Horizontal Scenario” ?

The closer to an horizontal scenario published by BUTLER can be found in the “One Day in 2020” presentation of BUTLER . As you will see, The horizontal IoT scenario presented, is a mix of several “vertical” scenarios linked together by the fact that they use the same platform and user information.

Are there any obstacles for submittion of the appllication as two partners or should we apply, having them as a subcontractor.

You can create joint proposal with another organization

I understand that the new partner will have to sign up the Consortium Agreement, and thus with corresponding duties, rights and responsibilities in special regarding to IPRs and commercial exploitation?

You will indeed have to join the existing consortium, the consortium agreement is available here

Is there any page limits ? Is there any limits established by section? Otherwise, could you provide some guidelines in this aspect?

The guidelines are published in the Guidelines for Participants regarding the number of pages, there is no formal limit but we would recommend to keep your proposal focused and relatively brief, you can of course use Annexes to provide more details on specificities.

In the guide for applicants the document for the open call includes a work-plan. Is this Workplan independent of BUTLER WPs ? or do we need to integrate it with BUTLER Workplan?

The activities of the OpenCall partners will be integrated in the BUTLER Work Plan and Work Packages. Other partners of the project will be developing field trials, thus the trial activities are already covered by existing tasks of BUTLER and your contribution will be mapped on this work plan.

If we prepare the proposal document for the Open Call, is there any possibility to go and present it to the decission makers?

Direct presentation is not part of the proposal selection process. The proposals will be evaluated by independent reviewers (no link with the existing consortium or any partner submitting a proposition).

How do IPR Consortium Agreement rules apply to the following scenario: the new partner will develop a new application (“Smart Application”), to demonstrate a vertical field trial, using BUTLER Smart Common functionalities.

The new partner joins the existing consortium and will follow the same rules as the existing partners : Any work developed before the project (“background”) remains of course the propriety of the partner who has developed it. Any new work done within the project by a single partner is his propriety. Any collaborative work done within the project (foreground) is a joined ownership and partners have to find an agreement between themselves to exploit it beyond the project. In the specific case of the Open Call, if you develop an application based on the BUTLER platform by yourself, you will have full ownership of the application. However as the application will be based on the platform you will have to find specific agreements with the other BUTLER consortium members on the exploitation after the project.

What is expected date for the new partner to: Present data on the effective end users entering the field trial, start the effective field trial?

The proposal in itself should already identify clearly how the end users will be contacted and provide estimate of the number of user. All the methodology regarding the end user involvement and feedback collection should be clearly presented. Based on that we expect that by September the new partner should be able to provide us with more details on his plans / an updated version based on its interactions with the consortium members. After that the new partner is free to propose a detailed timing and schedule of when the trial should start and how long it should last.

Which scenarios described in D1.1 are already being addressed by any BUTLER partner? What are the end user estimates for the scenarios that are already being addressed by BUTLER partners?

The detailed plans for the existing consortium field trials are currently being prepared. They should be published in a specific deliverable this month. Most field trial scenarios currently in discussion within the consortium have relatively modest number of end users (around a hundred). Thus it will be important if the new partner has the ability to mobilize numerous end users.

What do you consider the minimum number of end users for a field trial to be considered?

There is no strict minimum and all proposition will be reviewed by independent reviewers, but you can assume that under 50-100 end user the proposal chances would be probably lower.