ON March 19, 2013

1st Contest on Localization Algorithms


1st Contest on Localization Algorithms

The 1st Contest on Localization Algorithms, hosted in cooperation with the BUTLER project in Dresden on 19th of March will take place preceding WPNC’13 (Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication). The participants will compare their localization algorithms based on given distance datasets resp. contextual data and evaluation metrics.

Two dataset will be provided:

  • One distance dataset for positioning algorithms (determining
    position as coordinates).

  • One contextual dataset for zoning algorithms (refers to room-by-room localization).

Contestant can compete on either or both data sets. An award and certificate will be offered for winners in each category.

The data will be structured in blocks, where information of different sensors will be grouped in a proportional manner. Partition of the same data on four different block sizes will be available in order to allow for an equivalent of “time response” to be incorporated as an evaluation criterion.

Each contestant will produce their solutions obtained with each block size (described above). From these results, we will calculate a table of the accuracy achieved in terms of Root Mean Square Error at 60%, 80% and 99% percentiles.

Contestants will be required to submit their results in writing, by 28th of January. Both a description of the algorithm used, and the results table must be included in the manuscript. We will reserve the right to screen submissions for quality and completeness.

Presentation of the results will take place at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden on 19th of March 2013.

If you are interested to join, please contact info@wpnc.net for further information. If you know further working groups which may be interested to join, please send me their details that I can send them an invitation.