ON October 24, 2012



Standardized framework
for interoperable M2M Services

Connecting smart devices, platforms & applications to the Internet of Things

ETSI is pleased to announce the third edition of the highly popular M2M workshop series.
This year’s event will focus on the implementation of standardized the M2M service platform into real life operators networks.

The ETSI Technical Committee M2M is defining the end to end M2M service platform and the intermediate service layer that are key components of the horizontal M2M solution. This standards based platform is engineered to support multiple services, whilst remaining network agnostic.
The M2M platform is capable of working with any IP network, reusing  the underlying functionality whilst being capable to leverage the capabilities of the underlying mobile, fixed and/or broadband IP networks.
On the access side, the M2M systems aim to integrate the access sensor network technology, ranging from general Wi-Fi to specific M2M capillary network technologies

In this context, ETSI is pleased to invite you to our 3rd  workshop on Machine to Machine Communications, which will  be held at the Center Expo Congres of Mandelieu, France, on the 24 – 25 October 2012.