D6.6 - Socio Economic Impact

2014/12/02 17:24:00

Taking at starting point the various field trials implemented in BUTLER, this document aims at analyzing the impact of IoT services and applications from a social and economical point of view. This report is documenting three different aspects of the activities undertaken during the project regarding social and economical impact assessment: A global analysis on the expected impacts and challenges of IoT has been done. An impact assessment of the 5 BUTLER field trials on social and economical aspects. A review of BUTLER main effective contributions to make progress on debates related to socio and economical issues and challenges.

D5.2 - BUTLER Final Platforms and Quality Assessment

2014/11/19 14:41:51

“BUTLER Final Platforms and Quality Assessment” is the deliverable D5.2 produced by the project BUTLER in its final year of activity. After the first integration steps within the third year of activity of the BUTLER project the result was described in deliverable D5.1 “BUTLER Platforms and Pervasive Functionalities”. In this report the project documents the ongoing integration work from the third year activity and as a final result the successful execution of the BUTLER trials with a performance evaluation. Technical updates and guidance to developers about the APIs and features of the three main components from the BUTLER platform are documented in sections 4 to 6. One section is finally dedicated to provide final architecture, components, deployment aspects and quality assessment of the BUTLER trials.

D2.5 - IoT Enabling Technologies and Future Developments

2014/11/03 15:30:00

This document poses the attention on the enabling technologies, identifying three of them which assume a relevant importance for different reasons: localization, behavioral models, and security and privacy. This major deliverable of the BUTLER project present the advances on IoT enabling technologies of the project, as well as future challenges and opportunities.

D5.1 - BUTLER Platforms and Pervasive Functionalities

2014/07/22 10:02:00

In this deliverable the project documents an intermediate version of the results of Year 3 activities: finalization of software components and platforms (WP4), integration of components in trial/demo applications and execution of the trials, with performance evaluation (WP5). Several sections of the document provide technical updates and guidance to developers about updated APIs and features offered by the three platforms. A detailed technical description of the BUTLER Security & Privacy framework and a horizontal view of the Context Awareness frameworks are also given.

D4.1 - BUTLER SmartServer Platform and Enabling Technologies

2013/10/31 22:02:00

this document is the SmartServer and API guide for developers interested in developing BUTLER applications and re-using common functionalities offered by the “open” BUTLER horizontal platform. In addition to this document the BUTLER API Catalogue, available online, is the reference point to provide a quick overview on available SmartServers in BUTLER and where developers are able to test the APIs offered by the BUTLER horizontal platform.

D4.2 - BUTLER SmartMobile platform and enabling technologies

2013/10/31 17:59:00

SmartMobile is a platform that allows SmartMobile services developers to make their apps available to end-users and end-users to browse, install and use available services. Those applications can be either hybrid or web thanks to the use of HTML5. The SmartMobile platform provides a framework to develop, deploy and deliver services through various components: a mean to deploy apps that can be used either as native, a responsive HTML5 UI framework, a client-side BUTLER library and a backend service acting as the BUTLER apps repository. Through SmartMobile applications, end-users can access BUTLER services and applications. This deliverable covers components provided by the SmartMobile. This document might be read along with D4.1 as SmartMobile elements that have server-side components have been described in that document.

D4.3 - Smart Object GW Platform Functional Specification

2013/10/31 17:57:08

In the BUTLER architecture, the various platforms are interconnected to provide users with context aware services. Standing between the objects and the other BUTLER platforms, an important functional component called a gateway is needed. The latter, referred to as the BUTLER SmartObject Gateway in the context of this project, enables connectivity between objects located in short range area networks and other entities such as mobile devices and servers. Another important feature of the BUTLER SmartObject Gateway is exposing the services implemented by the Smart Objects and allowing access to their resources in a way that is independent of device specific technology.

D3.2 Integrated System Architecture and Initial Pervasive BUTLER proof of concept

2013/10/31 17:54:43

The purpose of this document is to present the consolidated architecture of the BUTLER system as the result of the project work on its second year. It also provides a high-level description of the initial pervasive BUTLER proof-of-concept. This deliverable extends and updates the information provided in Deliverable D3.1 – Architectures of BUTLER Platforms and Initial Proofs of Concept, providing a much more elaborated architecture proposal.

D1.4 - Ethics, Privacy and Data Protection in BUTLER

2013/07/15 10:06:00

This document is an intermediate contribution of the BUTLER project activities on the socio-economical impact of the Internet of Things. It deals specifically with the ethical questions encountered within typical Internet of Things scenarios and contains an outline of the issues to be solved, if Internet of Things is to be successful in the market.

D2.4 - Selected technologies for the BUTLER platform

2013/05/06 10:02:00

This document aims to present the candidate technologies able to achieve the BUTLER platform. The selected ones must cope with the BUTLER requirements, and communicate together to realize an integrated platform supporting the proof-of-concepts.

D3.1 - Architectures of BUTLER Platforms and Initial Proofs of Concept

2012/11/09 10:25:00

The current report is a major milestone of the project making the link between the users’ requirements produced in the inception Task 1.1 (T1.1) of the project and the field implementations to be initiated in the second period. It makes use of technological requirements produced in the 2nd Work package (WP2), the test procedures (T5.3) and conducts a deep analysis of the state of the art for Internet of Things (IoT).

D2.3 - Requirements, Specifications and Behavioral Modelling and Synthesis Technologies for IoT Context-Aware Networks

2012/11/07 15:40:03

This document outlines the requirements and specifications with respect to behavioral modelling and synthesis technologies IoT context-aware networks. It illustrates the necessity for behavioral awareness in different vertical scenarios, use cases and proof-of-concepts from various application domains. This necessity is not only driven by the need to understand and influence individual behavior but also the behavior of a group of individuals as a whole.

D2.2 - Requirements, Specifications and Localization and Context-acquisition for IoT Context-Aware Networks

2012/11/07 15:35:00

This document outlines the requirements and specifications with respect to Localization and Context-acquisition techniques for IoT context-aware networks which is the first contribution for deliverable 2.2 of Work Package (WP) 2. It presents an overview of the application domains and scenarios, state-of-the-art and open research challenges in the area of localization and context acquisition. This deliverable receives continuous requirements and specifications from end-users and experts from D1.1 in WP 1 and takes back into account their recommendation as input for this deliverable.

Deliverable 1 1 - Requirements and exploitation strategy

2012/07/24 16:54:00

This document is the first contribution of Work Package 1. It will introduce the exploitation strategy we select within the work package including process and methodology guidelines. Also the document positions the project BUTLER within the field of Internet of Things and outlines the relation of BUTLER to the 5 selected verticals scenarios.