Smart Mobility/Transport


In recent years, traffic density in Europe has increased dramatically. Statistics show that commuters in large cities often spend more than 2-3 hours a day on her way to and from work as well as searching for a suitable parking space. Obviously, the consideration and optimization of travel time plays a crucial role when planning a person’s daily business, as sought by BUTLER.

Use Cases

While in conventional navigation systems routes are pre-established and merely monitored, one can imagine an intelligent and integrated (smart) mobility system where, for instance: corrections on departure times are suggested based on real-time traffic information; rescheduling of planned activities and their location can be made to avoid congested areas; and information on the current status of users en route is shared with his/her peers. The Smart Mobility use-case area pertains to both indoor (pedestrian) and outdoor (vehicular) scenarios.

The following poster present a “Smart Transport” Proof of Concept, resulting of the first year of the BUTLER Project

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