Smart Home/Office


Since an average person spends about 90% of his life indoors, ambient intelligence is a major tool to improve quality-of-life. SmartHome/Office learn from their inhabitants, recognize their behaviour patterns automatically and provide unobtrusive support for their daily life. Applications from the areas of Energy Efficiency, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Human-Building Interaction (HBI) are the most relevant to address the main issues of Building Intelligence and Smart Homes.

Use cases

Energy Awareness

One approach to increase the Energy Efficiency is to exert semantically relevant influence on the behaviour of the users by informing them of their behaviour on energy consumption. The system gives suggestions and hints to save energy and money without losing comfort, e.g. when to switch off or replace devices. Context-awareness also gives support through energy optimized automation mechanisms and load management services e.g. to schedule energy consuming tasks for the time period with lower tariffs (peak shaping). Security is also a major paradigm where the integrated and pervasive concept of BULTER will substantially contribute to the advancement of AAL and HBI.

The following poster present the “Energy Awareness” Proof of Concept, resulting of the first year of the BUTLER Project

Multimedia Everywhere

Context Awareness can lead to multimedia application, such as the use case presented in the “Multimedia Everywhere” Proof of Concept presented in the poster bellow. In this scenario, the multimedia application follows the user thanks to context aware information.

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